I'm John Schlemmer,
Messages + Chat UX Lead, Communication Apps Motion + UXE Lead @ Google.
I lead a team of interaction, visual and motion designers directing consumer and enterprise communication apps at Google,
while defining, authoring, speaking and advocating the industry standards for motion design in web and mobile UI.
Communications at Google
Product UX Lead, Horizontal Motion + UXE Lead
I work on Google’s communication products by leading UX and managing all cross-functional design teams for Google Messages and Google Chat, as well as the broader horizontal motion design and UX engineering teams for the organization, including Messages, Chat, Duo, Meet, Phone, Fi and Gmail. This combination of product-level and org-wide scope enables me to set product vision and OKRs while shepherding design patterns that work seamlessly across our suite of apps.
UX Motion Lead / Manager
The foundation of Material Design is based heavily around motion. During its conception, I defined and authored the world’s first systematic motion guidelines for UI. These guidelines are now used by all Google products, as well as any non-Google products that adopt the Material Design system. I’ve spoken at events around the world advocating Material Motion, including headlining at Google I/O in 2016.
Inbox by Gmail
UX Motion Lead
Inbox by Gmail was a fresh start that goes beyond email to help you get back to what matters. As motion lead for Inbox, I was responsible for many of the patented interaction models that made this product special. I began my work on Inbox by defining motion patterns that could be used across multiple connected products, including Calendar and Gmail. While it may not be around any longer, it remains a strong influence.
Google Calendar
UX Motion Lead
Google Calendar helps you spend less time managing your schedule and more time enjoying it. Featuring a unique chip-driven system, the motion design for this product communicates a clear understanding of the hierarchical interaction model. I led motion to create a tight link between Inbox and Gmail, which was built into common components and design systems implemented by engineers.
UX Motion Lead
Gmail is an easy to use email app that saves you time and keeps your messages safe, with the sleek new Material Design makeover on iOS, Android and web. I worked closely with engineers across Inbox, Calendar and Gmail to implement and lead all motion seen in the cross-platform products today. I also partnered with these products' marketing teams for websites, commercials and Times Square's animated billboards.
UX Motion Advisor
Daydream is a new platform for high quality mobile virtual reality. From within the Material Design team, I designed a motion system that allowed users to feel grounded and comfortable while interacting with UI elements in VR.
Makers of designerly fleece pillows, both big and small. These pillows are meticulously hand-crafted by (and for) lovers of all things design. Stuffography, formerly known as MySuiteStuff, was founded in 2009 by husband and wife, and has since shipped over ten thousand pillows.
The Pokébiome Project is the result of a small collaboration between two life-long Nintendo fanatics. Based on original designs by Steven Crosby, these three starters will always hold a special place in any fan's heart. How were we ever expected to only choose one of them?
2013 Showreel
This showreel is a collection of older, pre-Google broadcast motion design, featuring work for clients like Kraft, Target, Motorola, Blackberry and more.